The importance of building your brand


The easiest way to look at your brand is to think of it as a fingerprint. A brand is how you are identified in a specific community. Whether we know it or not, one thing that remains true is that we all have a brand, both personal and professional. Our personal brand is how we are identified as an individual (i.e., thoughtful, funny, smart, ect.) Our professional brand is the way we are identified as related to our specific profession (i.e., dedicated physician, zealous entrepreneur, successful attorney)

In most cases, your personal and professional brands are examined collectively. It is your responsibility as an individual to actively participate in shaping the overall perception of your brand so that it is displayed in a manner that you are proud to represent. When establishing a brand, consider building upon the following factors:

Identify Your Brand

Decide how you want to present yourself and/or your business to the world. Determine what makes you stand out from the masses and decide what niche you would like to create within your practice area.

You ARE Valuable 

Identify your strengths and the particular set of skills that you have to offer your clientele. Exercise confidence in your abilities knowing that what you have to offer, no one else can bring to the table.

Build a Team 

Discuss the goals for your brand with individuals that you trust and admire, who also have experience in the particular area or subject matter that is of interest to you. Establish relationships with several mentors who inspire you and are not afraid to be honest and direct with you while offering assistance during the formation and growth of your brand. It is also wise to hire a professional that has great knowledge of branding and brand building to make the process as pain-free as possible.

Never Stop Learning 

Adopt a hunger to learn and expose yourself to everything that you need to know in order to become an expert in your specific area of interest. Educate yourself by reading articles about various companies and individuals that have obtained long lasting brands. Humble yourself and become an apprentice or intern for a more established company or individual who is a leader in your area of interest.

Get Out There and Start Making Mistakes

The best way to learn is to get out there and do it. As long as you have the passion to build your brand and are actively working on developing your skills– while maintaining the hunger to grow and learn, you must step out on faith and be confident that you are ready to introduce your brand to the world. Of course this step in the process may seem scary and will include some mistakes to learn from. You are beginning a new experience with no instructions to guide you or even a blueprint of what to expect; however, you must remain positive that you will succeed and you must know that you are equipped for whatever task comes your way.

Brand building is essential; however, you must not become so consumed in perfecting your brand that you lose yourself and your personal touch in the process. After all, people work with individuals that they like and trust, not machines with no personality. Brand building takes time and dedication; however, if you commit the time and energy to build your brand wisely, all of the hard work and sacrifice will be worthwhile. Remember that loved ones, current clients, and even future consumers will all gravitate to you for your brand — “that thing” that only you can offer.